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Solar Electric Systems

Solar Electric Systems Solar Electric Systems Solar Electric Systems Solar Electric Systems Solar Electric Systems Solar Electric Systems Solar Electric Systems Solar Electric Systems

Solar Power is no longer the wave of the future. Advances in technology and affordability have made creating your own power achievable for everyone.

Our solar professionals can help you assess your energy needs and navigate the options that are right for you. We specialize in installing solar electric systems and solar water heaters. Whether you choose a battery backup system on your roof or a grid tie system on pole mounts one thing is certain, now is a great time to go solar.

80% Back Tax Incentives:
Louisiana residents are receiving up to 80% of the cost of their solar systems back in tax refunds and credits. 50% from the state (click here to view Tax Credit for Solar and Wind Energy Systems on Residential Property) is in the form of a refund check. The remaining 30% is credited back on your federal taxes (click here to view 2012 Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency) for up to three years.

The Process:
As soon as a customer contacts us we begin working to assess their particular needs. Designing and building a system is a process, but it shouldn’t be a scary one. This is a brief overview of what you can expect from Structure Green after you decide you are interested in pursuing solar:

1. We schedule a free consultation with one of our site analysts. They will inspect the suitability of the site and prepare several options based on your budget and preferences. We custom tailor each system for the specific needs of the client.

2. The system designer presents and discusses each option. Reports detailing system production and payback time based on your usage are included.

3. Once a decision has been reached, a detailed contract is presented for your approval. We are able then to order components and begin the permitting process for the project.

4. Installation is the most exciting part of the project and in most cases takes a couple of days.

5. After the install is complete we have the system inspected by the applicable permitting authorities in your area. The utility company will then set you up for net metering and the rest is history. You are now your own power plant! The whole process usually takes about six weeks from start to finish. Contact us today and we’ll get started!

The Options:
There are two main types of solar PV systems, Grid Tie and Grid Tie with Battery Backup. Simply put, grid tie systems offset your utility bills by producing energy that you can use and sell back to the utility company; known as net metering. Grid tie with battery backup performs the same way except it stores some of the energy you make in a battery bank for use in case of a power outage. If the power goes out you can still continue to run circuits in your home as long as your batteries are receiving enough charge from the sun. The system becomes a solar generator. Straight grid tie systems do not produce usable power during an outage.

Both types of systems can be installed using a variety of Mounting Options; roof mounted, pole mounted, ground mounted and any combination in between. In addition to solar PV systems we also offer Solar Water Heating Systems.

The Products:
We work with a variety of quality manufacturers in order to give our customers a range of choices and prices. We are proud to be dealers of SunPower solar modules; the most efficient panels in the world. We also carry panels from MAGE Solar, who manufactures here in the USA. We are also proud to offer Renogy Solar Panels as well. Please visit our Resources page for more info on our product offerings.

Our Customers:
Although we are excited about our great product line, nothing makes us happier than having satisfied customers. We have many of our customers who have ZERO electric usage due to our installing solar electric and spray foam insulation. Please feel free to contact us for a list of customers.

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